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APR Film Reclamation Committee

The purpose of the Film Reclamation Committee is to develop and execute strategies and tactics that boost polyethylene film recovery and markets. The committee works with other stakeholder groups to advance its mission, including ACC's Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). APR's message through the Film Committee's work is that plastic film is recyclable, regardless of the specific collection scheme.

The Committee will also work on ensuring that APR's existing technical tools, such as the Design Guide™ for Plastics Recyclability and bale specifications, are current with regard to film recycling, adaptable to changes in collection schemes and markets, and easily accessible.

The committee will seek out opportunities to promote film recycling and the importance of these technical tools in APR technical training and educational materials.

The committee will continue to study the issue of film impact to curbside collection and MRFs, as well as continue to participate in partnerships to expand retail PE film collection.

Please contact Committee Chair, Jon Stephens, or APR staff member Sandi Childs with questions or interest in joining APR's Film Reclamation Committee.