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The APR Technical Committee

The APR has two Technical Committees:

  • PET Recycling 
  • Olefin Plastic Recycling

The Technical Committees support the membership of the APR through:

  • Maintaining the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability.
  • Developing and maintaining test methods to facilitate packaging innovators, evaluate the impact of packaging developments on the recycle process and assess the quality of postconsumer resins.
  • Providing recognition to innovators.
  • Developing model bale specifications.

The Technical Committees also take on special programs that are of broad interest to the membership. Recent examples include:

  • Methods for separating mixed PP and PE plastics.
  • Evaluating the impact of pressure sensitive labels on PET recycling.
  • Impact of fillers on polyolefin plastics recycling.
  • Identifying innovations that impact PET recycling.
  • Up-dating life cycle analyses for PET and HDPE.
  • Investigating the impact design on recovery and recycling of PP plastics.

Membership on the Technical Committees is open to representatives of any APR member company. APR members can also participate as members of Technical Committee sponsored Project Teams. All points of view are welcome and reflected in the work of these committees.


Please contact John Standish, APR Technical Director, for additional information.