PE & PP Resin Specifications

The APR strives to expand the recycling of plastic material through the development of resources to support state and local solid waste management and recycling officials to enhance their collection programs, increase the amount of material collected by those programs, and add value to the bottom line. According to an APR Survey on Residential Plastic Collection Programs, almost twice as many of each state’s largest cities now accept non-bottle containers than did five years ago. This rapidly growing collection has resulted in the need for market definition of bottle bales, non-bottle bales, and film.

To facilitate communications between bale producers (MRFs) and purchasers (PRFs and plastic reclaimers) APR, in collaboration with ISRI, has developed model bale specifications.

APR’s Model Bale Specifications have seven standard components:

  • Bale Content Overview
  • Acceptable Levels of Contaminants
  • Contaminants not Acceptable at any Level
  • Warnings
  • Bale Size/Minimum Shipping Weight
  • Bale Wire
  • Storage

The Sort for Value Online Calculator, developed by APR and Moore Recycling Associates, is an analysis tool to determine the value of various plastic sorting options and help understand the benefits of increased sortation. The results are impacted by the price for various commodities at any given time and the percent breakdown of the rigid plastic (bottles, non-bottle containers and bulky rigid plastic) processed at the MRF.  

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