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APR Events

  • Upcoming Meetings

    October 7-9, 2014- San Diego, CA
    February 25-26, 2015- Dallas, TX
    June 9-11, 2015- Montreal, Canada
    October 6-8, 2015- Indianapolis

  • Web Seminars
    September 23: Recycling Grocery Rigids
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APR - Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 500 West
Washington, DC 20001 202-316-3046


APR Staff

Steve Alexander   Executive Director
John Standish   Technical Director
Liz Bedard   Rigids Program Director
Kara Pochiro   Communications Director
Dave Cornell   Technical Consultant
Liz Lewis   Organizational Coordinator




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State Recycling

Learn about various state recycling programs and more.

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Grocery Plastics

Learn more about recyclable rigid plastics in the grocery industry and discover ways to “green” your operations.

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