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August 11, 2017 - Environmental Leader, Plastics Recycling Update

APR Member Highlight: Nestlé USA, Inc.

Nestlé tells consumers to swig, swallow, then replace the cap

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August 10, 2017 - Resource Recycling, Plastics News

APR in the News

From APR to Hong Kong, variety of voices weigh in

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August 9, 2017 - Daily Herald

APR Member Highlight: Dart Container Corporation

Plastic foam waste collection begins in Algonquin Township 

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August 8, 2017 - AMUT Press Release, Recycling Today

APR Member Highlight: AMUT Group

Double Twin Plants for Polyolefins Recycling

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August 7, 2017 - Environmental Leader

APR Member Highlight: Coca-Cola

Recycled Coke Bottles Fall in Love in British Cinemas

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August 4, 2017 - Recycling Today, Plastics News

APR in the News

Coverage of the APR Press Release Announcing Third Annual Plastics Recycling Showcase

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August 4, 2017 - Plastics Recycling Update

APR in the News & APR Member Highlight: KW Plastics

MRFs and end markets key to bulky rigids viability 

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