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Januray 31, 2014 - APR

APR Responds to Compostable Plastics Claims

Higher allowables contradict industry practice

The Association of Plastic Recyclers, the leading trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry in North America, responded today to the recent article "Recycling stream can handle up to 10% compostable plastics," published January 20, 2014 in Plastics News. While the headline is interesting, details are lacking. The actual report cites a PLA/PBAT mixture or neat PBAT being added to LDPE and tested for changes in melt viscosity and film elasticity and film tensile strength.

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February 28, 2014 - Plastics News

Recycling group disputes findings of study on impact of compostable plastics

by Jim Johnson

A U.S. trade group is refuting a report out of Europe that maintains that using up to 10 percent compostable plastic does not impact mechanical properties of recycled post-consumer plastics.

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February 28, 2014 - Plastics News Op-ed

Rigid plastics recycling grows

Steve Alexander, Steve Russell, and Steve Sikra

What a difference five years can make.

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February 2014 - Reource Recycling

Sorting for Value

by Liz Bedard and Patty Moore

Sorting out different kinds of plastic from single-stream recycling collection can be a challenge, but is it worth it? A new study is showing – in a completely visual way – that effectively separating out plastics by resin is where the smart money is at your MRF.

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