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Recycling Grocery Rigid Plastics- Continued Progress September 23, 2014

North American grocery stores have a great record of recycling cardboard and plastic film. To further expand sustainability efforts, reduce carbon footprint, and decrease waste disposal costs, some grocery chains have implemented an additional program - rigid plastics recycling. Buckets, pails and containers found behind the counters of the deli, s...
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Expanding Opportunities in Film Collection August 19, 2014

More than half of the film collected for recycling in the U.S. was exported in 2012. With the implementation of tighter restrictions on the import of scrap plastic into China, domestic markets want to let recyclers know that strong demand remains—provided the quality is good. The key is to know your plastic film markets and to collect for value. Le...
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Expanding Opportunities in #3-7 Plastics Recycling June 24, 2014

Before the implementation of China's Green Fence Policy, the majority of #3-7 plastics were exported. Domestic plastic reclaimers have proactively and positively responded - resulting in many new opportunities within North America for the recycling of these materials. This webinar will provide you the opportunity to hear plastic recycling industry ...
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APR's New Tool for MRFs: Sort for Value Matrix April 23, 2014

China's Operation Green Fence policy sent many MRF operators searching for alternative markets for mixed plastic bales. Fortunately, many found domestic plastic reclaimers interested in purchasing non-bottle rigid plastic material. Although specific sorting by the MRF may be necessary to access some domestic markets, the additional sorting may well...
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