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February 21, 2015- Packaging Today, Packaging BR

APR in the News

APR Member Highlight: Spear & Plastics Forming Enterprises

APR, Spear and Plastics Forming Enterprises collaborate to produce pressure sensitive labels compatible with PET bottle recycling

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February 19, 2015- Plastics News

APR Member Highlight: Waste Management

Waste Management on track to meet 2020 recycling goal

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February 18, 2015- Plastics News

APR Member Highlight: EREMA

Erema launches Pure Loop to focus on shredder/extruder recycling

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February 17, 2015- Plastics News

APR Member Highlight: The Procter & Gamble Company

P&G investing $500 million in new W.Va. manufacturing plant

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February 13, 2015- Plastics in Packaging, Recycling Today, Resource Recycling

APR in the News

APR comments on the ruling in the biodegradable additive lawsuit

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February 12, 2015- APR Press Release


Decision subject to appeal within 30 days

The Association of Plastic Recyclers, the leading trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry in North America, urged caution today in response to a recent decision by an Administrative Law Judge regarding claims by a manufacturer of biodegradable additives and their use in the marketplace.

(Note: On January 28, 2015, D. Michael Chappell, chief administrative law judge, issued a 323 page initial decision on the suit brought against ECM Biofilms, a degradable additives provider, by the US Federal Trade Commission, FTC. The judge ordered ECM Biofilms to not deceptively state any plastic product or package will completely degrade within any time period and to not deceptively state tests prove such claims).

"This is a decision of reason", said Steve Alexander, APR Executive Director. "The judge found that the company had violated the law by deceptively claiming plastics with its additive would degrade completely within nine months to five years."

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February 10, 2015- Food Production

Recycling Partnership in the NEWS

Coca-Cola urges other food, beverage makers to join Recycling Partnership

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