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February 19, 2015- Plastics News

APR Member Highlight: Waste Management

Waste Management on track to meet 2020 recycling goal

Waste Management Inc. captured more than 431,000 tons of plastics among the 15 million tons of recyclables handled by the firm in 2013, according to new company statistics.

The Houston-based waste and recycling company, the largest in the nation, said the company is "well on its way to achieving our goal to manage more than 20 million tons of recyclable materials per year by 2020."

While the amount of recyclables handled by the company has increased dramatically in recent years, CEO David Steiner signaled problems with contamination of non-recyclable materials in the single-stream recycling approach that's driving that growth.

"For our recycling business to remain sustainable, we need to address the economics of recycling. We have focused on operational excellence, and on asking our customers to improve the quality of the material that we receive at our recycling facilities," he said in Waste Management's latest sustainability report.

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