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April 15, 2015- APR Press Release


New Economic Benefits for Grocers

As grocery store chains focus on Earth Day and Zero Waste Initiatives, a recently developed economic overview of recycling grocery rigid plastics helps grocers recognize that recycling their bakery, deli and other "behind the counter" rigid plastic containers makes economic sense. According to the study by the leading plastics recycling group, recycling of these containers reduces the amount of material going to landfill, while at the same time generating new revenue for the chains.

The Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers (APR), the trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry in North America, developed the Grocery Store Recycling Program in 2013. A 2014 case study of multiple grocery rigid plastic recycling programs revealed an average conventional supermarket generates between 80-150 pounds per week of rigid plastic containers within the bakery, deli, seafood and pharmacy departments. The study identified the economic benefits of recycling rigid plastics in supermarkets including lower waste disposal costs, as well as potential new revenue from marketing these materials.

APR pointed out that most plastic packaging used behind the counter can be easily separated and used as feed stock for many domestic plastic recyclers. The Grocery store project targets the recovery of high density polypropylene (HDPE - #2) and polypropylene (PP - #5) trays, pails, and covers.

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April 9, 2015- Food Production

APR in the News

Plastics recycling industry in North America is an important element in the circular economy

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April 8, 2015-, Channel 48 WAFF

Recycling Partnership in the News

Recycling Partnership Grant Encourages Recycling in Florence Alabama

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April 7, 2015- Plastics Technology

APR in the NEWS

Recycling Conference Focuses on Changing Recycle Streams

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