The Association of Plastic Recyclers

The "What, Why & How" of Grocery Rigid Plastic Recycling Webinar

More than ever, businesses are aiming to support sustainability efforts through their products and processes. This webinar from Berry Global Inc. and APR offers an overview of how to collect and recycle "behind the counter" grocery rigid recyclables—typically polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) buckets, tubs, pails, pharmacy sto...
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Sustainable Materials Management Webinar - Recycled Plastics Commodities Markets Update

Hosted by the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center. APR's Kate Eagles, a plastics recycling industry expert, provides an update on collection, markets, and recent challenges for recycled plastics in the U.S. The session also includes brief descriptions of APR's programs, as well as recent activities and communications on the impacts of the Coronav...
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Legislative Update on Issues that Impact Plastics Recycling

This webinar program will provide a status report documenting where critical proposals stand on Capitol Hill, Sacramento, and beyond. Join us to learn what we can be doing during this time to maintain momentum on the critical issues to enhance our recycling infrastructure. View the presentation slides. View the webinar recording.

The Road to Recyclability

Presented by Berry Global Inc. in partnership with the Association of Plastic Recyclers, we invite you to discover how to design for recyclability by considering material selection, special features, and sortation. View the presentation slides. View the webinar recording.

The Impact of Recent Legislation on the Recycling Industry

Hear from APR and our lobbying and communications team at the Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP as we discuss the impact of the recently passed stimulus bill on the plastic recycling industry. We will provide members with insights relevant to the recycling industry about how the federal government is responding to the COVID-19 virus, includi...
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Get Certified! An Overview of APR's PCR Certification Program

To support and grow the use of postconsumer recycled plastics, APR understands that it is essential that PCR certification be reliable, consistent, and accessible by both producers and users of recycled plastic resins. The APR Postconsumer Resin (PCR) Certification Program is a process to endorse companies that provide third-party certification of ...
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APR's Recycling Demand Champion Campaign: An Update on the Growth and Impact this Campaign has Seen Over the Last 3 Years

APR's Recycling Demand Champion Campaign has seen continuous growth, market impact, and expansion since its launch in October 2018. This webinar will provide an overview of the campaign and highlight two recent developments to expand its reach: Waste Management's commitment to purchase curbside recycling carts made with 10% postconsumer HDPE derive...
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