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Our Committees and Working Groups

APR's committees are composed entirely of APR members and participation in these active committees is a valued benefit of membership. 

Chemical Recycling Research Working Group

The Chemical Recycling Research Working Group is focused on identifying the key steps needed for chemical recycling processes to play an effective role in the recycling of plastic products. The group has the goal of clarifying the fundamental steps necessary to enable chemical recycling to complement traditional recycling technologies, and what is needed for chemical recycling to become a successful component of the overall recycling infrastructure.

Projects include:

  • Detail steps to ensure chemical recycling does not result in packaging manufacturers disregarding design for recycling guidelines
  • Identify material that may be better suited for chemical vs. mechanical recycling
  • Review the economic feasibility of chemical recycling
  • Research sortation, transportation, location, and other logistical challenges relative to the stated volume requirements of chemical recycling
  • Develop model bale specifications
  • Identify material applications

Communications and Public Affairs Committee

The Communications and Public Affairs Committee provides valuable feedback and insight into the development of the work outlined below. 

Projects include:

  • Educational webinars and podcasts.
  • Resources to promote plastics recycling, including marketing materials and messaging tools.
  • Promotional programs to communicate the value of and increase the demand for PCR.
  • Media relations with support from an established PR firm.
  • Legislative activity, including lobbying in D.C. and California.

Film Committee

The Film committee develops and executes strategies and tactics that boost polyethylene film recovery and markets. The Film committee spreads the message that plastic film is recyclable, regardless of the specific collection scheme. 

Projects include:

  • Verify and expand APR’s Design® Guidance for flexible film packaging by publishing guidance test protocols, encouraging APR members to test and verify design guidance, and urging film package designers and manufacturers to use these tests to determine recycling compatibility.
  • Leverage partnerships with ACC's Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) to advance message of film recyclability.
  • Ensure that APR's existing technical tools, such as the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability and bale specifications, are current with regard to film recycling, adaptable to changes in collection schemes and markets, and easily accessible.
  • Study how film impacts curbside collection and MRFs.
  • Participate in partnerships that expand retail PE film collection.

Market Development Committee

The Market Development committee is the natural evolution of the former Olefin Rigids Committee.  The committee focuses on market development initiatives for all resins.

Projects include:

MRF Committee

The MRF Committee fosters strong communications between MRFs and the rest of the plastics recycling industry, bridges the gap between packaging design and MRF sortability, and restores success of the supply chain via the MRF. 

Projects include:

  • Developing protocols to evaluate product sortability at MRFs.
  • Discussing new sortation technologies.
  • Updating model bale specifications.
  • Specialized working groups to address topics such as thermoforms, tubes, black plastics, and more.

Olefins Technical and PET Technical Committees

The Olefins Technical and the PET Technical committees support APR membership through the development of technical resources, technical studies, and education for rigid olefin plastics and PET plastics, respectively. 

Projects include:

  • Specialized olefins working groups to address topics such as Black Color, Tubes, HDPE Toughness, Mixed Materials in Fractional Melt HDPE, and Sorting Technology.
  • Specialized PET working groups to address topics such as Labels, Color Stability, and Oxygen Scavenger.
  • Maintain the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability.
  • Develop and maintain test methods to facilitate packaging innovators, evaluate the impact of packaging developments on the recycle process and assess the quality of postconsumer resins.
  • Provide recognition to innovators.
  • Develop model bale specifications.

PET Reclaimers Working Group

The PET Reclaimer Working Group is open to all APR PET reclaimer members: companies that wash and process recycled PET material. The group meets approximately three times per year in conjunction with APR member meetings, or as needed. It offers a working environment through which members can delve into the impacts of package design on rPET quality and reclaimer productivity, as well as an opportunity for discussion about other topics of shared interest.

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