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  • APR Design® Training Program
    APR Design® Training Program

Working with Brand Owners to Meet Sustainability Goals

Calling all Package Design Engineers, Sustainability Managers, Product and Market Managers, and Procurement Managers!

APR firmly believes that companies want to design packaging that is recyclable and sustainable.  With the APR Design® for Plastics Recyclability Training Program, our experts will walk your team through the design process, offering customized guidance to meet the unique needs of your company and its products. 

APR offers three Training Program options.  Learn more below and choose what fits your company’s needs best.

Full On-Site or Virtual Training

Full On-Site or Virtual Training

Our full on-site or virtual training consists of a detailed schedule that features step-by-step guidance fully customized for your company. TIMEFRAME: Approximately 6-7 hours.

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On-Site or Virtual

On-Site or Virtual "Lunch and Learn"

Choose an on-site or virtual "lunch and learn" training that features a customized, albeit abbreviated, opportunity for your team to get expert advice on packaging design. TIMEFRAME: Approximately 1-2 hours.

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Regional Training

Regional Training

Our regional training programs are scheduled periodically and are paired with a facility tour. The focus is more generalized and is ideal for companies just getting started thinking about recycling design and/or companies on a tight budget. Contact us to be notified of upcoming events of this type.

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