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February 19, 2016 - Plastics News

APR Plastics Recycling Showcase in the NEWS

APR honors innovators in showcase

Move over Kayne and your Grammys. And you to Meryl and your Oscars.The Association of Plastic Recyclers is out with its own awards winners. And no, before you ask, they are not giving out “APRils.”

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the inaugural participants in APR’s Plastic Recycling Showcase.Unveiled at the recent Plastics Recycling 2016 conference in New Orleans, the showcase is the brainchild of APR Technical Director John Standish.

He’ll take it from here: “What we’re saying is everybody in the showcase are APR members that have recently achieved the first sale of a new technology that benefits recycling in some tangible way,” Standish said while standing near the award winners at APR’s booth at the show.

“We want the second and third and fourth adopters to be aware that the technology is now commercial and all major risk factors have been addressed,” Standish said.

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