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S = Sell P = PurchasePhone NumberHDPE Ground Bottle FlakeHDPE PelletsLDPE Flake and/or PelletHDPE Injection Bulky Rigid  Plastics Mixed Bulky Rigid PlasticsHDPE Natural BottlesHDPE Colored BottlesPP BalesPP Flake and/or PelletTubs and Lids (Thin Wall Packaging) Bales1-7 Bottles & ALL Rigid Plastics3-7 Bottles & ALL Other Rigid PlasticsAny Post-consumer PEAny Post-consumer PP
Alcamare IRG (Mexico)+5214776702955SS   S/PS/P S     
Avangard Innovative (TX)281-582-0700S/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/P S/P S/P S/P S/P
Casella Recycling (ME)207-791-2390S/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/P
Circular Polymers (CA)630-235-8171        S    S
Champion Polymer Recycling (KY)859-745-3782PP      P   PP
Clean Tech Inc. (MI)734-529-2475S/PS/P   S/PS/P       
Custom Polymers, Inc. (NC)704-332-6070S/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/PS/P S/P   S/PS/P
Denton Plastics (OR)503-257-9945S/PS/PS/PP S/P PS/PP  S/PS/P
Ecostar (WI)608-271-5634        S     
EFS-plastics Inc. (Canada)519-418-3377 SSPP PPPSPPPPP
Envision Plastics (NC)336-342-4749SS P PP    PSS
Evergreen Plastics (OH)      S/PS/P S S   
Fraser Plastics Ltd (Canada)604-814-5042S/PS PPPPPSP  PP
Graham Packaging Company (PA)765-307-2245 PP  PP P     
Green Line Polymers (OH)419-424-8324PP   PP       
INVEMA (Honduras)504-966-91234 S PPPPPSPPP  
KW Plastics Recycling Division (AL)334-566-1563S/PS P PPPPPP   P
Merlin Plastics Supply, Inc. (Canada)604-522-6799SSS  PPPSPPPPP
Mohawk Industries, Inc. (GA)706-857-7536        S   SS
PakTech (OR)541-743-4056 P            
Phoenix Technologies Intl LLC (OH)419-353-7738           S  
Plastrec Inc., (Canada)450-760-2333              
Polyquest (NC)631-498-8827        S     
Prime Plastic Products, Inc. (CA)760-734-3900S/PS/PS/P  S/PS/PS/PS/PS/P S/P  
QRS Recycling (MO)314-963-8000S P PP   S   S/PS
rPlanet Earth (CA)833-775-2638S       S S/PS  
Sims Municipal Recycling (NY)646-208-8373   SSSSS SPPSS
Sonoco Recycling (SC)843-861-9715S/P S/P SSSS/PS/P SSS/PS/P
Talco Plastics, Inc. (CA)951-531-2000S/PS/PS/P  PPPS/PP    
Technimark LLC (NC)336-498-1881  S     S/P     
UltrePET (NY)518-459-1080        S     
Waste Management Recycling Services419-308-2681P  S/P S/PS/PS/P S/P S/PS/PS/PS/P

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