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  • APR Design® Guide
    APR Design® Guide

How has the APR Design® Guide made an impact? 

The APR Design Guide closes the loop between package designers and plastic recyclers with a forum allowing collaboration toward the common goal of creating a Circular Economy for plastics. Preferred package designs drive the Circular Economy by enabling the highest value end use applications for recycled plastic. Good design reduces unnecessary costs and improves productivity for plastic reclaimers by minimizing contamination in the stream, therefore ensuring that brands who purchase and use post-consumer plastic resin (PCR) in their new products and packages are getting high-quality material that meets their performance requirements.

Scope of the APR Design® Guide

This guide covers plastic items entering the postconsumer collection and recycling systems most widely used in industry today. Collection methods include single stream and dual stream MRFs, deposit container systems, mixed waste facilities, and grocery store rigid plastic and film collection systems. The impact of package design on automated sortation process steps employed in a single stream MRF, as well as high volume recycling processes is of primary consideration. Items recovered in systems where they are source-selected and sent to a recycler specializing in this particular item are specifically excluded from this guide.

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