Plastic Recycling Terms & Tools

Like those in any field, plastics recycling professionals need a common language to communicate effectively. Teaching the public about plastics recycling has never been an easy task, and even buyers and sellers of recycled plastics commodities don't use the same terms. Better communication throughout the plastics recycling industry will resut in more efficient, more effective and more profitable plastics recycling.

Recycle Your Plastics- Terms and Tools

Moore Recycling Associates, aided by an advisory committee of plastics recycling stakeholders and sponsored by the American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division, have developed two sets of standard terms for talking about plastics recycling. We encourage you to use this resource and promote its use among other plastics recycling professionals.  The use of common terminology will benefit everyone with an interest in plastics recycling. You can explore this new tool at

Plastic Recycling Outreach Terms were designed with feedback from a large group of recycling coordinators to help all involved in communicating with residents about which plastics to recycle.  A gallery of royalty-free images and a custom flyer option that correspond to these outreach terms are also available.

Plastics Recycling Commodity Terms are designed to reduce misunderstanding between buyers and sellers and improve the collection of data on plastics recycling.  The Plastics Recycling Commodity Terms build on the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers model bale specification work.

Video- New Communications Tools for Recycling Professionals  This is a fun, animated whiteboard style video that explains what the Plastics Recycling Terms and Tools are and how adoption by communities and recyclers can help grow plastics recycling and increase recovery rates.

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