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Market Information

Reliable markets, strong demand and clear bale definitions are all key components to successful recycling. The APR has gathered the resources below to assist local governments and/or MRFs, as well as retailers, in effectively marketing their recyclable plastic bags, wrap, and films.

  • Available Markets
  • Model Bale Specifications
  • Strength of the Market

There are multiple strong markets for plastic bags and film. North America is home to both experienced reprocessors and that have established purchasing specifications and consistently procure these bales to recycle domestically.

According to the APR Buyers and Sellers Information, there are multiple APR members that purchase one or more plastic bag and film bale types. This resource contains company names with links to member profiles with additional information.

Click here to access Plastic Film Market Information.

APR Model Bale Specifications for Plastic Bags, Wraps, and Films

To facilitate communications between bale producers and purchasers (plastic reclaimers) APR has developed model bale specifications for plastic films.

APR’s Model Bale Specifications have seven standard components:

  • Bale Content Overview
  • Acceptable Levels of Contaminants
  • Contaminants not Acceptable at any Level
  • Warnings
  • Bale Size/Minimum Shipping Weight
  • Bale Wire
  • Storage
MRF Curbside Film

Stack of Film Bales Emmett

PE Ag Film Including Mulch
PE Ag Film Not Including Mulch
PE Clear Film

Baled film warehouse

PE Retail Bags and Film
LDPE Colored Film
LDPE Furniture Mix Film

What is the Future of Plastic Bag and Film Recycling?

Avangard Innovative, an APR member company, is a leading worldwide company providing mid-level to Fortune 500 businesses with comprehensive sustainability solutions. Jon Stephens, Avangard Executive Vice President, says “There is a strong demand for recovered PE film plastic and Avangard Innovative has the expertise needed to navigate this commodity in today’s diverse markets. We help companies find their hidden green assets™ – meaning that we focus on maximizing on the 90% of benefits in their waste stream through recycling, versus the 10% through their waste management.”