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Applications for Recycled Non-Bottle Rigid Containers

Non-bottle rigid containers are primarily made from polypropylene (PP #5), which can be used for a variety of applications. As detailed in The Recycling Journey of Plastic Non-Bottle Container, once these items are collected and baled at the MRF, they are sold to plastic recyclers to process into flakes or pellets. The PP resin flakes or pellets produced from non-bottle containers are then sold to manufacturers to make the types of items listed below.  Other non-bottle containers may include thermoforms, which are most commonly made from PET (#1), but also PP and PS(#6).

Recycled Polypropylene (PP) applicationsPP TUBS LIDS IMG 2692

food storage containers, closures, paint buckets, toothbrush handles, coat hangers, cups, cutlery, bags, totes, outdoor furniture

Recycled PET thermoform applications

new thermoforms, sheet, carpet, bottles, and strapping

Recycled PS applications

tape dispensers, CD cases, combs, brushes, foam containers and packaging, picture frames


The chart below, developed by Moore Recycling Associates, is a comprehensive plastics recycling quick reference tool.  It outlines which Resin Identification Codes (RIC) represent each resin, common products made from each resin, as well as common products each of the recycled resins are made into.  


Resin ID codes chart Moore

Click here to download a PDF of this chart.