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Residential Bulky Rigids

Why is APR promoting the collection of residential bulky rigid plastics?

The primary goals of The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) are to increase supply, enhance the quality, and communicate the value of recycled plastics. Residential bulky rigid plastics have a proven domestic market since the majority of them are constructed of a resin with a strong and consistent demand - HDPE. Through the educational resources provided in this Toolkit, MRFs and Municipalities can expand collection practices, increase revenue, and support a growing industry.

What are residential bulky rigid plastics?

Residential bulky rigid plastics are any large rigid #5 PP and/or #2 HDPE plastic bulky items, generated through a positive sort from curbside, drop-off or other public or private recycling collection program. Examples include: crates, buckets, baskets, totes, and lawn furniture. Metal such as axels and bolts should be removed but buckets/pails with metal handles are acceptable.


Plastics grouping bulky

Bulky/large item rigid plastics including 5 gallon buckets, crates, lawn chairs, laundry baskets, and other large plastic items represent an ever expanding type of plastic recycling collection. According to The Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s 2015-16 Centralized Study on Availability of Recycling, greater than 20% of the US population has access to bulky rigid plastic recycling. APR has developed a Residential Bulky Rigid Plastics Toolkit to assist municipalities and MRFs recycle with this material.


The resources in this Toolkit have been created to provide municipalities and MRFs with base information and data to enable them to successfully recycle residential bulky rigid plastics.