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GermEUany Design Guidance: Flexible (Film) PE (PRE)

EU Design Guidance Summary: Flexible PE
General Info: Natural and colored PE flexible film have slightly different standards shown as below
EVOH % in Resin None < 5% EVOH (in polyolefinic combination film) > 5% EVOH (in polyolefinic combination film);
Barrier Layers or Fillers
(other than EVOH)
Barrier in the polymer matrix; SiOx and AlOx without additional coatings Metalized layers without coatings; EcoLam High Plus; VO+ LLDPE; <15% PA 6/66 copolymer with melting temperature <192°C and incorporating minimum 10% PE-g-MAH tie layer PVC, PVDC, PA; any other barrier layer; foaming agents used as expanding chemical agents; aluminum
Label or Sleeve Material and Surface Area PE PP, paper labels without fibre loss Metallized labels, any other; paper labels with fiber loss
Caps/Closures PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE-HD PP Metal, aluminum, PVC, PET, PETG, PS, PLA, non PO or foams with density < 1 g/cm3
Adhesives Water soluble at less than 60°C Not provided Adhesives non-soluble in water or non-releasable in water at less than 60°C
Liners, Seals and Valves PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE-HD PP, removable aluminum lidding Metal, aluminum, PVC, PET, PETG, PS, PLA, foiled paper, non PO or foams with density
< 1 g/cm3
Colors and Inks [combine Inks/Direct Printing & Pigments] Natural: unpigmented; transparent; no ink; Laser marked print; Printed production or expiry date;
Colored: light colors; translucent colors; printing covering < 50%
Natural: light colors; translucent colors Printing covering < 50%; Inks: non-toxic (according to EUPIA guidelines);
Colored: dark colors (NIR-detectable); printing covering > 50%;
Natural: dark colors; black; carbon black; Printing covering > 50%; inks that bleed; toxic or hazardous inks.
Colored: Non-NIR detectable colors
Size > A4 or > 50 x 50 mm once compacted < A4 format or between 20 x 20 and 50 x 50 mm once compacted (Sorting test) < 20 x 20 mm
Metalized layers or Metals None Metalized layers without coatings; removable aluminum fasteners Metal / Aluminum attachments
Additives Additives that do not increase the density higher than 0,97 g/cm³ Not provided Bio-/oxo-/photodegradable additives; additives concentration > 0.97 g/cm3;
Additives that do increase the density higher than 0,97 g/cm3 (CaCO3, talc, glass fibers, etc.)

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