Bottles with caps on program faq

Questions & Answers

Who is APR?

The Association of Plastic Recyclers is an international trade association that is dealing with plastics recycling in North America. Our trade association includes many companies that obtain, sell, and reprocess the post-consumer plastic from North America. Pollution around the world is a stringent issue. We need to act now if we want to save our planet for future generations.

What does being a member of the association mean?

APR’s membership involves consumer product companies, independent recycling companies, testing laboratories, equipment manufacturers, organizations, and other communities that care about recycling. Bringing the awareness among our society is APR’s primary mission. Our company uses testing programs, technical resources, corporate training, design solutions, education programs, and administrative leadership. The full list of APR’s programs and members are listed on our website.

What does Bottles with caps on mean?

Bottle caps seem so inoffensive, but the truth is they are as harmful as any other plastic item thrown away irresponsibly. APR has recently started a new project involving the collection of bottles with caps on.

People are also not familiar with the fact that beverage bottles are a dangerous source of chemicals to our planet. This video will show the journey of a plastic cap when improperly thrown.

How can you support our program?

One way APR is collecting plastic for recycling is signing a contract with big and small companies that further collect the plastic used among its employees and have it transported to recycling. The right education and general knowledge of the recycling process start within the family or in a company. When people make a habit out of a correct action, this becomes natural and healthy in time. We appreciate all the individuals and members of APR that help us inform the general public correctly through our programs.

What Companies have joined our Bottles with caps on program?

There are a lot of companies who have joined our program, and we are grateful to every one of them.

3M Science is constantly developing innovations, including on sustainable development. Their work contributes to preserving a healthy environment.

Another great example of how companies help us is Guaranteed Loans, Inc. It collects the plastic, it informs its staff, and it even brings awareness to its clients. They invite them to be a part of APR’s association and participate in the global process of recycling together.

Berry Global is a company whose logo says it all: Always Advancing to Protect What’s Important. Its mission is to offer eco-friendly products, including consumer packaging and non-woven specialty materials.

How to become a part of APR?

The APR membership has a meeting three times a year in Canada, the USA, or Mexico. These sessions involve Film Reclamation, Technical, Rigid Plastics, and Communications Committee Meetings, a General Membership Session, a Technical Forum, and various presentations.

A company can become a full member or an affiliate one. To see more info about how to be an APR member you can click here.