The Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • APR Design® Recognition Program
    APR Design® Recognition Program
  • Recognizes materials, components, and complete packages composed of PET, HDPE, PP, and PE film that are considered Preferred in the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability
  • Consists of an evaluation by the APR Design® Guide Administrator and technical staff, measuring the candidate item against each APR Design® Guide criterion for a Preferred design
  • Results in a letter of recognition that the component or package meets or exceeds APR Design® Meets Preferred Guidance criteria
  • Suppliers can use the letter and program badge to demonstrate recycling compatibility to potential customers, and for marketing purposes

Ready to apply for APR Design® Meets Preferred Guidance (MPG) Recognition?

  • Review the MPG Operating Procedures
  • Review the Resource Document for your item. The following design elements/components are currently eligible for MPG Recognition:
  • Submit this Program Agreement and your signed Resource Document to Program Administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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