The Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • APR Design® Recognition Program
    APR Design® Recognition Program
Innovation Category Recognition Date Recognition Level Company Name Innovation Trade Name
AdditivesOctober 5, 2021Critical GuidanceAmpacet AMPACET’s ReVive™ 311A compatibilizer masterbatch used in conjunction with EVOH with 32% ethylene content and/or PA6 nylon barrier layers in PE films
AdditivesJuly 17, 2020Responsible InnovationAmcor AmPrima™ PE Plus Heat Resistant Recycle-Ready Laminate
AdditivesMay 25, 2016Responsible InnovationDow Chemical RETAIN™
Barrier materials/Closures & DispensersApril 23, 2021Critical GuidanceScholle IPN Scholle IPN polyethylene-based bag for bag-in-box packaging made with two layers of polyethylene-based film including EVOH and a polyethylene closure
Blends of PE and other resinsJuly 8, 2021Critical GuidancePolyplastics USA Flexible multi-layered film for stand-up pouches with 15.5% or less total TOPAS® Cyclic Olefin Copolymer(COC) containing 62 to 77 weight percent norbornene comonomer
Laminating adhesiveAugust 16, 2021Critical GuidanceDow Chemical Co. Dow RobondTM L-90M adhesive and OpuluxTM MC and coating 5004 coating on PE films
Laminating adhesiveAugust 26, 2021Critical GuidanceHenkel Corporation Henkel’s two component, LOCTITE® LIOFOL LA 422 RE and LOCTITE® LIOFOL LA 3180 RE adhesive for PE film lamination
Non-PE Layer for filmJuly 20, 2021Critical GuidanceDow Packaging & Specialty Plastics Dow SURLYN™ ionomers with up to and including 20% Plastics loading in multilayer polyethylene film substrates
PS Labels/adhesivesDecember 18, 2020Critical GuidanceAvery Dennison Direct thermally printed white PE/PP polyolefin blend substrate and white BOPP substrate pressure sensitive labels with general purpose permanent acrylic adhesive for polyethylene films

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