Plastic Film Market Information

APR provides a complete directory of materials that APR Members purchase and sell, as well as services (grinding, densifying, washing, pelletizing, compounding and solid stating) provided by APR members. The Plastic Recycling Market Information and Services Directory is updated periodically throughout the year, so please check back often.

As another resource, visit This site's purpose is to connect suppliers and buyers of all types of scrap plastic (from bales to post consumer resin). It is supported by the plastics industry and intended for use by the recycling industry in the United States and Canada. This site is NOT intended for the general public or household plastics.

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S = Sell
P = Purchase
Phone Number
LDPE Flake and/or Pellets
Avangard Innovative (TX) 281-582-0700 S/P  S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P
Casella Recycling (ME) 518-348-3771 S/P S S/P   S/P S/P S/P S/P
Custom Polymers, Inc. (NC) 704-332-6070 S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P
Denton Plastics (OR) 503-257-9945 S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P
EcoPET Plastics (CA) 909 284-5353
EFS-plastics Inc.(Canada) 519-418-3377 P P P P P S P
Envision Plastics (NC) 336-342-4749
Fraser Plastics Ltd (Canada) 604-476-9003
KW Plastics Recycling Division (AL) 334-566-1563 P
Merlin Plastics Supply, Inc. (Canada) 604-522-6799 P P P P P P P S P
Polyquest/PQ Recycling (NC) 631-498-8827   S              
PreZero (CA) 619-240-4874 P P P P S P
Prime Plastic Products, Inc. (CA) 760-734-3900 S/P S/P S/P S S/P S/P
QRS Recycling (MO) 314-963-8000 P P P P P P P   P
ROPLAST INDUSTRIES Inc. (CA) 800-767-5278 P P P P P
Sims Municipal Recycling (NY) 646-208-8373   S              
Soleno Recycling (Canada)  819-296-3701 S/P 
Sonoco Recycling (SC) 843-861-9715     S/P     S/P S/P   S/P
TABB Packaging Solutions, LLC (MI) 734-254-0278 S/P
Talco Plastics, Inc. (CA)Talco Plastics, Inc. (CA) 951-531-2000           S/P   S/P  
Technimark LLC (Wellmark Plastics Division) (NC) 336-498-1881 S
Tomra (Canada) 514-457-0499
Tomra (CT) 203-727-7130
Waste Management Recycling Services 260-854-4447 S/P     S/P