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Since 1992, it has been APR's mission to enhance the development and sustainability of the plastics recycling industry. We are constantly seeking new ways to make the recycling of plastics more economically and environmentally sustainable. We strive to expand the postconsumer plastics recycling industry through a series of programs and cooperative efforts aimed at identifying and eliminating barriers to successful commercial recycling. And, of course, generating more material to be recycled.


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Additional APR efforts to enhance plastics recycling include Technical Programs offered through our Technical Committees:

  • Creating Design for Recyclability Guidelines.
  • Test methods to facilitate packaging innovators, evaluate the impact of packaging developments on the recycle process, and assess the quality of postconsumer resins.
  • Providing recognition to innovators.
  • Developing model bale specifications.
  • The PET color monitoring program.
  • Steps to reduce bottles in the recycle stream that do not meet Design Guidelines for compatibility.

APR also offers Communications and Marketing Programs through the Communications Committee, including:

  • Forming collaborative partnerships with other trade associations and groups
  • Developing marketing materials and messaging tools
  • Developing educational web seminars held throughout the year
  • Membership Development
  • Enlisting sponsors for the annual Resource Recycling Plastics Recycling Conference
  • Promoting domestic plastic recycling markets

APR created the Rigid Plastics Recycling Program to stimulate recycling of rigid plastics beyond #1 and #2 bottles. The group has focused on both the supply and demand of non-bottle plastic recycling; below is a quick review of some of their projects.

  • The Grocery Store Rigid Plastics Recycling Program (link to grocery store site here)
  • Annual “Each State’s Largest City” Survey
  • “Fit for Use” Polypropylene Recycled Resin Survey
  • National Rigid Bale Sorts and Supply Estimate Report
  • Developing model bale specifications

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Problem Containers

Report problem containers to help APR reduce contamination in the plastic recycling stream.

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