The Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • Working with our members every dayto GROW plastics recycling

    Working with our members every day
    to GROW plastics recycling

Membership Categories

Broadly, there are two types of membership: Full and Affiliate. Membership benefits are nearly identical for both membership categories; with minor differences regarding allocation of seats on the Board of Directors and some voting restrictions for members who are trade associations.

Are you a reclaimer?

Full Membership is reserved for reclaimers and convertors, meaning you are purchasing postconsumer plastic material and preparing it for end use by two or more of these additional processes: grinding, washing, pelletizing, conduxing, densifying, or chemically or mechanically upgrading the materials to be used or sold to an end-use market. An operation that solely sorts and bales materials to be sold to another company for reprocessing is not eligible for Full Membership. There are three levels of Full Membership based on annual throughput capacity:

  • Level 1: Throughput capacity over 100 million pounds per year. Dues are $9,350/year.
  • Level 2: Throughput capacity between 50 – 100 million pounds per year. Dues are $7,150/year.
  • Level 3: Throughput capacity under 50 million pounds per year. Dues are $5,500/year.

Not a reclaimer, but still a stakeholder?

Affiliate Membership is reserved for companies that do not qualify for Full Membership but who have a direct business stake in the recycling of postconsumer plastics. There are two levels of Affiliate Membership based on what the company does:

  • Category 2: Your company is a lab, consultant or association. Dues are $5,500/year.
  • Category 1: If your company is not described above, then you likely qualify for membership in this category. This includes brand owners, converters, and manufacturers of inks, labels, adhesives, resins, films, packaging, etc. Dues are $9,350/year.

Who cannot be an APR member?

Parties solely in the business of brokering plastic material for recycling are not eligible for APR Membership.


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