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Ettlinger North America LP
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Ettlinger North America LP was formed in 2013 and offers a unique line of continuous melt filters to recyclers, compounders, processors and end users in North America. The ERF line of filters have become well-known for their ability to process material streams with a large amounts of contamination such as paper, wood, aluminun, silicone, rubber and high melt polymers. In addition to reliable filtration down to 80 microns the ERF melt filters provide a stable processing environment, long filter life and significantly less wasted material during the filtration process. The ERF line of melt filters are designed and produced in Königsbrunn, Germany by Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH. The German Engineering and Manufacturing company was formed in 1983 and in addition to the continuous melt filters they also build injection molding machines with large part capability . Ettlinger North America LP is based in Chicago Il. and has spare parts on hand for quick delivery if needed.
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225 W. Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187
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Mike Diletti
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Volker Neuber
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