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May 4, 2020 - Packaging World, Pro Food World

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COVID-19 Changes the Plastics Conversation, but CPGs Still Innovating

Despite COVID 19, there were plenty of new innovations announced over the past two months around packaging sustainability. Among them:

In late March, the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), announced a process to endorse companies that provide third-party certification of post-consumer recycled content and promote APR member companies that receive certification. To support and grow the use of PCR plastics, APR says it is essential that PCR certification be reliable, consistent, and accessible by both producers and users of recycled plastic resins. Through this endorsement program, APR says it ultimately seeks to increase supply and demand of PCR plastics. APR’s PCR Certification Program includes three components: 1) APR endorses qualified third-party companies to conduct certifications; 2) Plastic reclaimers hire the APR endorsed companies to certify their PCR; and 3) APR members present their PCR certification to APR for nationwide promotion. Learn more about APR’s Postconsumer Resin Certification Program here.

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