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June 25, 2020 - Packaging Impressions, Label & Narrow Web

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Multi-Plastics Launches New 100% Recyclable PET Shrink Films

Multi-Plastics is validating its commitment to the environment with the release of its EnviroCycle 4200 Series shrink films. This innovative line of 100% recyclable PET shrink films allows printed sleeves to recycle with the bottle, keeping plastics out of the landfill and providing the environmental stewardship brand owners require.

APR President, Steve Alexander, stated, “The Association of Plastic Recyclers is pleased to recognize Multi-Plastics Inc.’s EnviroCycle 4200 Series copolyester heat shrinkable film substrate as meeting or exceeding APR’s PET-CG-02, Critical Guidance Protocol for Clear PET Articles with Labels and Closures, most strict requirements and hereby so states. This APR recognition is based on the technical recyclability of the label substrate innovation with PET bottles.”

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