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September 30, 2020 - Waste360

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University of Michigan Study Informs on Plastic Waste, Barriers and Opportunities

We hear routinely that plastic packaging is a major source of waste and will continue to be at the rate at which it’s generated; these mass-produced, short-lived commodities were the largest market for U.S. plastics in 2017—but actually two-thirds of plastic used that year entered markets other than packaging. Meanwhile, a huge influx of other plastics, with applications from auto parts to building materials and electronics, present unique end-of-life challenges, as well as opportunities, to promote a circular economy. The “plastics packaging surprise,” and a call to look at other plastic applications, are main takeaways from a new University of Michigan study published in the journal, Environmental Research Letters.

The research project was supported by a grant from investment bank and financial services firm Morgan Stanley, who has a goal to prevent, reduce, and remove 50 million metric tons of plastic waste by 2030. The university researchers they turned to for information to help them reach for their target began with a specific goal and strategy in mind.

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