The Association of Plastic Recyclers

APR weighs in on three hot topics

The Association of Plastic Recyclers has published position statements on chemical recycling, the use of mass balance methodologies for post-consumer plastics, and bottle deposit programs. The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Board of Directors in May approved the three position statements, which cover topics that have taken center stage at i...
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APR wants chemical recycling limited to plastics-to-plastics

The Association of Plastic Recyclers wants to see the definition of chemical recycling limited to circular loops that make new plastic from discarded waste polymers, a position at odds with some other industry groups. APR President and CEO Steve Alexander said his group supports chemical recycling, but it should only be called recycling if it goes ...
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Trillions of pounds of trash: New technology tries to solve an old garbage problem

Consumer brands can help increase the success of the recycling supply chain, too, according to Steve Alexander, the president and CEO of the Association of Plastic Recyclers, by designing packaging that can be recycled.  Read the full article from CNBC.Read the full article from MSN.Read the full article from NBC.Read the full article from The...
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ProAmpac’s Philosophy: Think Big, Act Small

ProAmpac is a member of The Association of Plastic Recyclers, a trade association representing companies responsible for more than 90% of the post-consumer plastics processing capacity in North America. It belongs to CEFLEX, a consortium of more than 100 flexible-packaging companies and associations seeking circular-economy solutions in Europe. Pro...
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Unilever to sell all toothpastes in recyclable tubes by 2025

Unilever is to convert its global toothpaste portfolio entirely to recyclable tubes by 2025, it has announced. The sustainable tubes are set to roll out later this year, following four years' development. They use a material made mostly of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – one of the world's most widely recyclable plastics. It would be "the thinne...
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GSK sets sights on producing one billion recyclable toothpaste tubes by 2025

Consumer healthcare goods giant GSK has set a goal of producing one billion fully-recyclable toothpaste tubes by 2025, today announcing plans to launch the innovative packaging across a number of its leading dental brands including Sensodyne and Aquafresh. Toothpaste tubes are notoriously difficult to recycle, as they are made from a variety of mat...
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Centered on sustainable solutions

Revolution, Little Rock, Arkansas, is expanding its reach as a provider of closed-loop, sustainable solutions. Sustainability has fueled the company's growth, and Revolution plans to continue to expand its PCR sales and its portfolio of sustainable solutions. Miller says because trust in Revolution's products is important, the company has joined th...
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6 Durable Household Items Made From Recycled Plastic

The longer we keep the plastic we have in use, the less of it we need to make from raw petroleum. Choosing long-lasting recycled plastic products can help reduce your environmental impact. Here are six long-lasting household items made from recycled plastic that can help keep existing plastic in use instead of the landfill. Read the full article fr...
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EPL’s giant stride towards product innovation, sustainability

Packaging major EPL has been constantly bringing innovative products to the market for the last four decades, with the help of strong innovation programmes. The company says it engages with its customers, co-creating ideas, consulting on product and process, and hand-holding right through the delivery of viable solutions. Product innovation is ever...
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Collaborating on solutions

Legislators at the state and federal levels are thinking about legislation that would affect plastics recyclers, such as recycled-content mandates, extended producer responsibility (EPR), advanced or chemical recycling regulations and single-use plastic bans. Some companies, such as Revolution of Little Rock, Arkansas, are focusing on ways they can...
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Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Joins the Association of Plastics Recyclers

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is pleased to announce that it has joined the Association of Plastics Recyclers. The APR is an international trade association that represents the plastics recycling industry; its member companies are committed to the success of plastics recycling. In 2004 Toray Plastics (America) launched a multi-faceted sustainabil...
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Is there a fruitful path to recycling PET thermoforms?

PET thermoformed packages like clamshells for berries and deli sandwiches are all over grocery stores. But only 9 percent of them ever make their way to recycling bins. It's a problem vexing those trying to create a more circular supply chain for the popular packaging material. "My biggest obstacle since we started a couple years ago has been colle...
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The Recycling Partnership, SystemIQ develop tool to track packaging waste reduction goals

The Recycling Partnership, Falls Church, Virginia, and Systemiq, a B Corporation based in London focused on solving social and environmental problems, have launched Plastic IQ as a digital tool to help U.S. companies develop plastic packaging waste reduction strategies. Created with support from Walmart, Plastic IQ is a data-based planning tool tha...
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APR Recognition: CCL Reaches Next Milestone for EcoFloat™ Sleeve Material in the US Market

CCL receives APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) Critical Guidance Recognition (CGR) for innovative sleeve material that helps boost PET recycling Hybrid polyolefin film facilitates easy separation of labels from PET bottles and other types of plastic containers in the recycling process EcoFloat™ helps consumer goods companies to reach recycling...
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Spartech Enhances Sustainable Plastics Focus With APR Membership

Spartech, a leading manufacturer of engineered thermoplastics and custom packaging solutions, is pleased to announce that it is now a member of The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), an international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry and dedicated to environmentally sustainable product solutions. "APR is the widely...
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Scholle IPN Announces Launch of First APR-Recognized, 100% Recyclable Bag-in-Box Package for Water

Scholle IPN, a leading global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, announced today that their bag-in-box packaging for water passed the Association of Plastic Recyclers' FPE-CG-01 testing, which evaluates the compatibility of flexible packaging with film-to-film recycling processes. The package is the first bag-in-box format to pass this testi...
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APR recognizes recyclability of packaging technologies

HDPE tubes, PET aerosol containers and PP thermoforms were among the packaging innovations that received recyclability recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers recently. APR awarded critical guidance recognition letters to tube manufacturer Tupack Verpackungen, brand owner Procter & Gamble (P&G), pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmi...
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Recycling, sustainability are goals for Milliken additives

Milliken & Co. is offering processors additives that can help improve recycling and meet other sustainability goals. DeltaMax-brand additives can be used to increase the processability of recycled polypropylene resins while maintaining or increasing toughness, officials with Milliken in Spartanburg, S.C., said. The firm's Millad NX 8000 ECO cla...
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Collective approach vital to boost PCR plastics

Collaboration, greater dialogue and fresh thinking are needed to increase the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in new products, according to experts in the industry. The issue was the theme of a virtual discussion on the second day of the 2021 annual conference of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). While brands are ...
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Six Questions About Sustainability at Sun Chemical

Cross-industry partnerships and collaborations are critical in contributing to sustainability initiatives because they help us understand what the needs and gaps are in becoming more sustainable in particular packaging industries.  For example, our partnership with the Association of Plastic Recyclers helps us better understand some of the cha...
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