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APR Endorsed Certifiers

To support and grow the use of postconsumer recycled plastics, APR recognizes that it is essential that certification of postconsumer resins (PCR) be viewed as reliable, consistent, and accessible by both producers and users of recycled plastic resins. As noted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the value of a certification is the degree of confidence and trust that is established by an impartial and competent demonstration of fulfilment of specified requirements by the third party.

In response to a growing demand from its members and stakeholders across the plastics value chain, APR has established a process for endorsement of companies that provide third-party certification of PCR using the definition in ISO 14021:2016. APR members that receive certification may present it to be recognized and promoted by APR.

California Senate Bill 270 creates standards that reusable bags distributed or sold in California must meet certain standards, including recycled content. Any plastic reclaimer’s PCR which has been certified under the State of California’s SB 270 requirements would be considered certified PCR by APR.

** Click here to download the application to become an APR endorsed third-party certifying company. 

Please email completed applications to Ali Briggs-Ungerer.


The companies below are currently APR endorsed to provide 3rd party certification of PCR. 





AM Testing & Services, Inc.

Roger Matilla
Bill Baumann

(708) 907.5252

GreenCircle Certified, LLC. Ryan Heins (610) 569-1047 x115
SCS Global Services

Timothy Whatley

(616) 443-0231

UL Verification Services Inc.

Bill Hoffman

(847) 664-1112