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PCR Certification Program Overview

The APR Postconsumer Resin (PCR) Certification Program is a process to endorse companies that provide third-party certification of PCR and promote APR member companies that receive certification. To support and grow the use of postconsumer recycled plastics, APR understands that it is essential that PCR certification be reliable, consistent, and accessible by both producers and users of recycled plastic resins.

APR’s PCR Certification Program includes 3 components:

  • APR endorses 3rd party qualified companies to conduct certifications.
  • Plastic reclaimers hire APR endorsed companies to conduct certification.
  • APR members that receive certification may present it to be recognized by APR, listed on the APR website, and promoted nationwide.

"Third party certification gives credibility to our claims and drives value for our resin and end products in the marketplace. The APR program is bringing everything together, setting the clear and consistent standards needed in the certification process. You can feel good about this PCR." - Cherish Miller, Vice President of Sustainability & Public Affairs, Revolution

"This is a long awaited and excellent program, thank-you! As a large tonnage manufacturer we at Cascade Engineering appreciate the peace of mind a PCR certification like this brings when purchasing material." - Jo-Anne Perkins, Vice President of Environmental Systems and Services, Cascade Cart Solutions

Are you a reclaimer who wants your PCR pellet/flake/regrind certified?

Contact one of these APR endorsed certifiers to schedule an audit.

Are you a reclaimer whose PCR has been certified by an APR endorsed certifier?

Email Ali Briggs-Ungerer and attach a copy of your certificate(s).

Are you a certifying organization that wants to be endorsed by APR?

Fill out this application and email your completed application to Ali Briggs-Ungerer.

Are you seeking recognition/certification for the PCR in your product(s)?

Contact Ali Briggs-Ungerer for more details.

The primary goals of the program include:
  • Provide members with confidence that endorsed certification companies adhere to a clear, consistent definition of PCR that aligns with the ISO 14021:2016 definition.
  • Help “level the playing field” by endorsing multiple, credible PCR third-party certifying bodies that APR members and others can voluntarily utilize.
  • Increase accessibility and confidence in PCR supply that meets the needs of members across diverse applications (e.g. olefins, other rigid plastics, flexible films).
Have questions about this program? Check out the FAQs.