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Position Statements

These position statements have been formally approved by the APR Board of Directors. They are the result of input from APR members. APR’s intent has been to use these positions as a guide for participating at appropriate legislative venues where these issues are debated.

APR Position: Biopolymer Use in Bottles

The APR opposes biopolymer use in bottles until critical mass levels are achieved that allow for efficient system-wide reclamation.

APR Position: Chemical Recycling

The APR supports the opportunity to accelerate the plastics circular economy, and reduce dependency on non-renewable resources, through the intersection of mechanical and chemical recycling technologies. Design for recycling is, and will continue to be, essential for a circular economy. Chemical recycling should not result in packaging manufacturers disregarding design for recycling guidelines. Chemical recycling has the potential to expand opportunities for recycling of materials that are not recycled by mechanical processes today.

APR Position: Degradable Additives Use in Bottles, Forms, and Films

The APR recognizes that degradable additives that weaken products or shorten the useful life of durable plastics have a strongly negative impact of postconsumer plastics recycling.

APR Position: Landfill Bans

The APR supports legislation to ban postconsumer plastic bottles from being landfilled.

APR Position: Mass Balance for Postconsumer Resin (PCR)

APR supports a mass balance and/or corporate averaging methodology for resin manufacturers that produce recycled content resin in a chemical recycling system in which materials are not segregated by material type.

APR Position: Postconsumer Recycled Content

The APR supports mandatory postconsumer recycled content legislation.

APR Position: State Bottle Deposit Laws

The APR supports deposit collection programs, including non-carbonated beverage bottles such as used water and juice containers.

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