2020 APR Plastics Recycling Showcase

As The Voice of Plastics Recycling®, APR is always looking to recognize innovations that have a positive impact on the ability of a package or container to be recycled. APR promotes the development of the plastics recycling industry by providing leadership for long-term industry growth and vitality. We recognize that innovation drives the growth of recycling, and is essential to the success of the plastic recycling industry. The Showcase identifies, highlights, and commends the industry’s leading innovations developed by APR member companies that support the growth of plastics recycling.

The 2020 APR Plastics Recycling Innovators were announced Monday, February 17 at the 2020 Plastics Recycling Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Congratulations to this Year's Innovators!

2020 Plastics Recycling Showcase recipicents on stage with APR's Technical Director, John Standish


New Products & Technologies

Berry Global Group: Entour™ Shield+ Front of Store Recycle Capable Bear Naked Granola Package

Acceptance letter with product description

Berry Global Group member profile


Colgate-Palmolive and Essel Propack: Tom's of Maine Recyclable Tube

Acceptance letter with product description

Colgate-Palmolive member profile

Essel Propack member profileEssel Propack member profile


GreenMantra: Advanced Chemical Recycling Creates Unique Polymer Additives

Acceptance letter with product description

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Unilever: Leading Edge Advances in Use of Post-Consumer Resin in Personal Care Packaging

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Public Service & Education Programs

FIMIC: AreYouR: A Facebook Page for the World of Plastic Recycling

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