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The Champions for Change® Program was created to encourage innovators to conduct testing and confirm any impact of new plastics designs and components on recycling. The APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recycling is the foundation of the Champions for Change® Program. Those that employ the APR Design® Guide, along with recycle testing, as part of their product development program can be an APR Champion for Change®. For innovators who have successfully completed testing, APR offers the following opportunities to publicize their efforts and promote their commitment to designing for recycling.


APR Guidance Recognition

APR Guidance Recognition is presented to those innovators that have developed new products and technology that are compatible with recycling. For those who have completed Critical or Applications Guidance, innovators can provide data to an APR review team. APR can recognize those who have met both the criteria of the APR Design® Guide, as well as the strictest criteria identified in the Guidance Documents. Critical Guidance Recognition is the most common form of APR recognition.

Brand owners may ask for Critical Guidance Recognition to support commercialization of a new technology. Innovators may use APR Recognition in their sales and marketing programs.


How Can I Receive Guidance Recognition?

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Responsible Innovation

The APR Responsible Innovation Program acknowledges innovations where Critical or Applications Guidance Documents do not exist. The APR may be able to develop a special evaluation program in cooperation with an innovator, MRFs and reclaimers, which can determine through plant scale evaluations and testimonials from plant operations management that an innovation is most likely to be compatible with the recycling stream. Support from the APR Design® Guide and laboratory testing with the most rigorous laboratory test procedures available are helpful in developing Responsible Innovation assessments.


How Can I Receive Responsible Innovation Acknowledgement

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APR Plastics Recycling Showcase

The APR recognizes that innovation drives the growth of recycling, and is essential to the success of the plastics recycling industry. As The Voice of Plastics Recycling®, the APR is pleased to announce the APR Plastics Recycling Showcase to highlight and promote industry leading innovations developed by APR member companies that have a positive impact on plastics collection and recycling, as well as new applications for recycled plastics.

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