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APR commends the following companies that have completed rigorous testing to ensure their products meet the APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability.  APR Guidance Recognition is presented to those innovators that have developed new products and technology that are compatible with recycling. For those who have completed Critical or Applications Guidance, innovators can provide data to an APR review team for final approval.  APR recognizes those who have met both the criteria of the APR Design® Guide, as well as the strictest criteria identified in the Guidance Documents. Critical Guidance Recognition is the most common form of APR recognition.

Consumer Brand Companies may seek Critical Guidance Recognition to support commercialization of a new technology, while other innovators may use APR Recognition in their sales and marketing programs. APR promotes recipients on our website, during The APR Design® Guide for Plastics Recyclability On Site Training Program, press releases, industry meetings, as well as other conferences and workshops.  

Design Guide – Critical Guidance Recipients

  • Polymer and Blends
  • Barrier Layers and Coatings
  • Additives
  • Labels – Sleeve
  • Labels and Adhesives – Pressure Sensitive and Others
  • Direct Printed Labels

Critical Guidance Recognition 

Company  Innovation Product  Recognition Letter Date
Eastman Chemical Company  EastarTM polyester EB001  5-Nov-15
Auriga Polymers Inc. (Indorama Ventures )  PolyClear® EBM PET 5507 resin  13-May-15
DAK Americas LLC  ArrayTM EBM PET 5862 resin  21-Oct-14
Auriga Polymers Inc. (Indorama Ventures )  PolyClear® EBM PET 5506 resin  23-Jun-14
Eastman Chemical Company  AspiraTM One PET resin  12-Jul-12
DAK America LLC  ArrayTM EBM 5861 PET resin  22-Jun-12
DAK America LLC  ArrayTM EBM 5860 PET resin  22-Jun-12
Auriga Polymers Inc. (Indorama Ventures )  PolyClear® EBM PET 5505 resin April 8, 2010 and February 3, 2011 
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation  BK6180 PET resin  17-Apr-09
Eastman Chemical Company  ParaStarTM 7000 PET resin  16-Oct-08
Wellman, Incorporated (DAK America LLC)  PermaClear® Ti842 PET resin  16-Oct-08

Applications Guidance Recognition 

Company  Innovation Product  Recognition Letter Date
The Procter & Gamble Company  Febreze® 2 L Fabric Refresher container made of recycled HDPE resin  25-Apr-12
Auriga Polymers Inc. (Indorama Ventures )  Extrusion blow molded bottle made of Polyclear® EBM PET 5505 resin  21-Oct-11

Critical Guidance Recognition

Applications Guidance Recognition 

Company  Innovation Product  Recognition Letter Date
Naked Juice Company  Naked Juice multilayer high density polyethylene container containing an ethylene vinyl alcohol barrier layer and tie layers.  10-Jun-09

Critical Guidance Recognition

Company  Innovation Product  Recognition Letter Date
Milliken & Company Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier for polypropylene 29-Jul-19
ColorMatrix Corporation  SmartHeat RHC reheat additive for PET bottles 25-Jun-19
ColorMatrix Corporation  Oxygen scavenger: HyCat liquid catalyst additive at 0.10 % use concentration in PET, Ultimate UV390TM additive at 0.15% use concentration in PET, and the combination of HyCat at 0.10% and Ultimate UV390TM at 0.16% use concentrations in PET.  3-Mar-11

Critical Guidance Recognition 

Design Guide – Responsible Innovation Acknowledgement

Materials Found Conforming to the Thermoform Label Test

APR publishes the conclusions of petition submissions for labels and adhesives which conform to the guidance from the voluntary thermoform program protocol. The petitions do not apply to other APR programs.

Click here for a full list of companies that have successfully completed this test.