APR Demand Champion

June 14, 2018 - Plastics News

Honoring recycling design 'champions'

Successful recycling doesn't happen in a vacuum, and the Association of Plastic Recyclers knows that.

That's why the trade group created its APR Recycling Design Champions campaign to highlight and encourage market demand for recycled resins.

APR, at its recent meeting in Houston, recognized four new companies through the effort: Avangard Innovative, EcoProducts, Unilever and UPM Raflatac.

"APR recognizes that many companies have historically incorporated PCR usage into their business practices. We applaud and appreciate those efforts, and encourage them to continue. However, APR Recycling Demand Champions commit to boost the current demand for PCR. It is all about NEW demand," said Liz Bedard, director of the APR Rigid Plastic Recycling Program, in a statement. "Due to current market conditions the critical need for an increase in demand has become glaringly apparent."

Demand Champions has "already become a seminal program of APR," Executive Director Steve Alexander said in a statement.

"Demand Champions sign a commitment letter to identify and utilize WIP (work in progress) items with PCR content in their facilities, detail another new application for PCR that will be developed within a year or an increase of PCR usage in a current application," Bedard said in her statement. "Within 12 months of becoming a Demand Champion, those companies must purchase or manufacture PCR containing item[s] and report to APR."

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