Company Commitment Letter

The APR Recycling Demand Champion Campaign was created to foster and build the end-use market place. Collectively and voluntarily, Demand Champions look to improve plastics recycling in North America by committing to increase their use of PCR. 

Champions have two options to fulfill their commitment:

  • Purchase PCR containing items. Examples include everyday use and/or catalog order items (trash bags, mop buckets, trash cans, recycle bins, or safety signs) or work-in-process (WIP) items (pallets, crates, totes, large liquid containers, pails, drums, transport packaging).
  • Increase the amount of PCR used in a current application or product, or develop a new product/ application for PCR.

Collective efforts of the program will include individual assessments, recommendations, and implementation of PCR.  Many organizations use a host of items where color may be the only reason PCR is not used. We look to demonstrate equal functionality with an intent to implement PCR into WIP, and other items rapidly. 

Please consider signing on as a Recycling Demand Champion.

To join, simply sign the commitment letter and return it to Ali Briggs-Ungerer.