How it Works

Participating in this critical program is simple.

STEP 1: Sign the Commitment Letter

Pledge – I will be an APR Recycling Demand Champion!

STEP 2: Purchase PCR containing item(s) OR expand your current use of PCR

Buy everyday use/catalog order items or WIP (work-in-process) items, which are easily available and actively being used. Or increase the amount of PCR in a current product or application, or develop a new product or application for PCR.

STEP 3: Report item(s)

Within 12 months of becoming a Demand Champion, purchase or manufacture your PCR containing item(s) and report to APR. All data submitted to APR will remain confidential. NDAs can be executed upon request.

STEP 4: Promotion & Recognition

Your company’s prominent role in expanding the markets for mixed residential plastics will be actively promoted by APR. Check out our current and past Demand Champion companies and the far-reaching press the program has received.