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Work in process (WIP) items, regularly used in high volumes by companies throughout the US, often contain broad specification PCR. APR Recycling Demand Champions requiring that their WIP items contain PCR directly results in expanding the domestic marketplace for mixed residential plastics.

Vendors listed below offer pallets, totes/dunnage boxes, slip sheets and/or divider sheets which contain PCR. This list is a work in progress, expanding as this program expands. If you would like your company to be listed or are aware of others not listed, please contact Liz Bedard, Director, APR Rigid Plastics Recycling Director.

Beyond WIP items, The APR Recycling Demand Champions Campaign includes ANY new use of PCRClick here to access the APR Buyers and Sellers information if you are looking for suppliers of PCR.  It is organized by resin, and lists all of the materials that APR Members purchase and sell.


Vendors for Work in Process (WIP) Items containing PCR

Company Location Website Contact information Pallets Crates,Totes, Bins Slip Sheets Dividers Trash Bags  Inst. Can Liners Gaylord Liners Labels

Rehrig Pacific 

Los Angeles, CA   

National Recycling Manager,
Mike Riola:  
(323) 262-5145

X X            

Greystone Logistics 

Tulsa, OK   

Sustainability Coordinator/Resin Buyer, 
Cece Des Marais: 
(507) 562-6946 or (563) 528-5765


CTC Plastics

Dayton, OH   Vice President of Puchasing, 
Laura Clauser-Roberts: 
(937) 281-4013 

SSI Schaefer

Charlotte, NC    Director of Sales, 
Andy Schumacher: 
(262) 751-6680 
X X            

Greencore Products - Petoskey Plastics

Birmingham, MI

Sales Specialist, 
Stefan Bulszewicz:
(231) 347-2602 ext. 3763


Revolution Bag

Little Rock, AK

Strategic Account Manager,
Jess Jones:
(501) 490-0395



Hazelwood, MO

Director of Sales & Marketing,
Stuart Lindemann:
  (314) 610-0316

X     X                  

ORBIS Corporation



Vice president, Strategic Sourcing
Jeff Christianson

X     X  X   X            

Berry Global


 Evansville, IN

Marketing Communications Manager,
Susan Schlamersdorf

            X  X        

UPM Raflatac


Mills River, NC

Sustainability Manater,
Tyler Matusevich
tyler.matuseviSustainability Manater,
Tyler Matusevich


Multiplast Systems Inc.



Mark Goldenberg

             X    X X     

Avangard Innovative


 Houston, TX




 Modesto, CA

Director of Sales,
Shawn Byrne


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