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APR Position Statements


The position statements in this section have been formally approved by the Board of Directors of APR.  These position statements are the result of input from APR members generated through surveys, webcasts, and additional methods of obtaining member input into the decision making process. These results were formally announced with press releases sent to industry publications nationwide at the time of approval.

It is the intent of APR to use these positions as a guide for participating at appropriate legislative venues where these issues are debated. From time to time, APR will review these positions for possible updates, as well as to review new issues for consideration.

Position Statement Documents

APR Statement on Chemical Recycling Technologies September 2019
Position Letter on Maine Legislation April 2015
Position Statement on Biopolymer Use in Bottles
Position Statement on Degradable Additives Use in Bottles, Forms, and Films
Position Statement on the Expansion of Current Deposit Laws
Position Statement on Landfill Bans
Position Statement on Postconsumer Recycled Content
Position Statement on the Repeal of Existing State Deposit Laws
White Paper, Greenhouse Gas Generation: Plastics vs. Alternatives for Packaging
White Paper, Virgin vs. Recycled Plastic Life Cycle Assessment Energy Profile and Life Cycle Assessment Environmental Burdens
Mandating the Minimum: Observations on California’s Plastic Packaging Law