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Specifying Labels for PET Packaging that are Compatible with Recycling

There has been substantial innovation impacting label materials and selection for Film Pressure Sensitive and Shrink Sleeve labels used with PET bottles. These label materials and selection methods are now established in commercial use and enable a new and higher standard of recycling compatibility for these label styles. This new standard of performance is required to create a circular economy for PET container recycling by delivering:

  • Improved quality of recycled PET
  • Less material waste and yield loss associated with the PET recycling process
  • Reduced use of water and energy employed in recycling

The APR has created two Resource Documents to provide brand owners, raw materials suppliers and label converters vital information required to routinely employ this new level of recycling performance. The APR recommends that brand owners specify labels that meet the model specifications shown in these Resource Documents; and that those in the label supply chain routinely offer brand owners labels for PET packaging that meet these model specifications.

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Additional PET Label Resource Documents