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Expanding Opportunities in #3-7 Plastics Recycling June 24, 2014

Before the implementation of China's Green Fence Policy, the majority of #3-7 plastics were exported. Domestic plastic reclaimers have proactively and positively responded - resulting in many new opportunities within North America for the recycling of these materials. This webinar will provide you the opportunity to hear plastic recycling industry experts discuss the markets, uses and other important considerations involved with recycling this important yet sometime challenging stream of recyclable plastics. Please join us to hear the latest update on some of the current opportunities available for #3-7 plastics recycling. Speakers will include Liz Bedard, APR; Patty Moore, Moore Recycling Associates; Susan Albritton, Sonoco; Dave Bellon, QRS; and Mary McClellan, ReCommunity.

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