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The Sort for Value Online Calculator: An APR Pricing Tool Creating More Value for MRF's Presented Tuesday, May 12, 2015

China's Operation Green Fence policy sent many MRF operators searching for alternative markets for mixed plastic bales. Fortunately, many found domestic plastic reclaimers interested in purchasing non-bottle rigid plastic material. Although specific sorting by the MRF may be necessary to access some domestic markets, the additional sorting may well result in additional revenue. The Sort for Value Online Calculator has been developed as a tool that calculates the economic value of sorting recyclable rigid plastics. This webinar will review the methodology used in developing the calculator, and provide an explanation on how MRFs can use the tool to better understand the potential value of their rigid plastic stream.

Helpful Links:

presentation slides

Sort for Value Online Calculator

Sort for Value Matrix Chart

Sorting for Value, an article from Resource Recycling written by Liz Bedard and Patty Moore

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